About us

With today’s changing spectrum of technology advances and the choices available to conduct a business, it is imperative whether you are small business or large, to focus on the foundations first. Cybersecurity implementation when done right is the key to securing a business from cyber or internet born attacks on infrastructure and operations of a business.

Dual Layer Cyber Technology is a focused security consulting firm which provides unique consulting and cybersecurity services to its clients around the region. With experts with over 20 years or more of cybersecurity experiences forms the strong backend team to conduct and prepare handpicked solutions for customer to fit their needs.

DLCT provides targeted solutions customised for the related industries and provides related consulting for implementation, maintenance monitoring and response for cyber incidence.

Our unique approach to cybersecurity solutions brings peace of mind for our customer’s production systems and processes. Our approach towards clients ‘security first has created unique trust bond with our clients, and we always strive best to maintain high standards and provide services to our clients.


Our vision is to provide secure, reliable, and beneficial cybersecurity services and solutions for our clients’ businesses.

Our solutions focus on people, processes, and systems and equally address the required protection for each segment. we partner with pioneersof security services in the market and the backing of our partners is the assurance of service quality to our customers.