Cybersecurity Posture Assessment

The Cybersecurity posture assessment and threat level check is vital in securing an organization. Our team has the multidisciplinary approach that looks at the security from each angle to reduce the risk – from the humanly elements to the physical atmosphere and the of role of technology.

Our services of Cybersecurity assessment provide our clients with the access to speak with the experts for as much as they can to protect their system effectively against the attacks that may affect their business.

What we offer

Our experts can help you in showing your business weaknesses and strengths in wide range of situations, from the executive protection to the security of the facility. It is because of our years of experience; we can help your company in anticipating the real threats source.

With the cyber security posture assessment, our experts can look out for the weaknesses in your vital technology assets and provide you with deep insights of the security situation of such assets.

The constant application changes and updates in it and the configurations of the system produce the vulnerabilities and those vulnerabilities could be exploited if not addresses. In order to make the whole technology environment secure, it is vital to scan the systems consistently and detect the vulnerabilities as quickly as they arise.

We will perform follow and more standard tasks to check the state of your security.

Security Posture assessment is part of a detailed review which includes to cover Pen Testing, Vulnerability Assessment for internal and external facing systems, configurations and design review of existing network topology and related endpoint protections, access controls and logging and monitoring of the systems.

Please contact us for further information and a detailed proposal will be presented for each client based on the specific business nature and clients’ requirements.