Managed Cybersecurity Training

Dual Layer Cyber Technology offers comprehensive managed cybersecurity online training. Cybersecurity is not only about the systems but the people within an organization must be the primary defence against any such attacks as well.

Phishing attacks compromise majority of the systems and organizations incur huge financial and reputational damages as a result.

Dual Layer Cyber Technology’s best in class online training platform provides deep learning platform for an organizations staff and it is fully managed and maintained by DLCT’s qualified consultants who will help to run and manage such active campaigns and provide clients with statistic and status of every staff involved with the training.

DLCT will provide with a comprehensive training plan which involves phishing testes to establish an organizations current cybersecurity surface and then plan the training accordingly. This plan then becomes part of the client’s onboarding process.

DLCT will perform regular Phishing tests behind the scenes and provide vital feedback to client’s management for the status of cyber hygiene within the firm.

For more information and a proposal specific for your business needs, please contact us and we will reach out accordingly.