Identification and Removal of the Critical Vulnerabilities

Can you operate the secured application process of lifecycle management for the business, enabling it to adopt the digital and cloud confidently?

What is your level of assurance that all your web facing services and the existing and future applications are not the open pathways for the attackers that can steal the sensitive data of your business?

With the higher level of threats posed by the cyber attackers, it is paramount to maintain the system and application security deeply such that it allows the vulnerabilities detection as quickly as possible. This system is less costly for removing the vulnerabilities.

Dual Layer Technology Team provides the effective services of application security that can stop the incidents of cyber security by mitigating the reputational damage and the financial loss.

Fight with the cyber threats in the digital company

The services of application security provided by our company provide the solution to the large number of the cyber threats posed in this digital world. With the secured processes of lifecycle management and the security testing, every company will be able to assess the levels of security to their application and then take the important steps that improve it.

Our methods are concentrated on securing the assets in both existing and future world by help of best technology and preventive methods.

  • Web application firewall – protection of the web against the attacks of application
  • Testing the application security – the unique and on-demand testing service for application security
  • Distributed protection of service denial – the protection of the business against the disruptions that are caused by the attacks
  • Analysis of the open source software – the solution to the current challenge of effective risk mitigation and OSS management

Protection of applications

The Dual Layer Cyber Technology offers the services of application security that protects you against the ongoing threats. We are helping the companies by protecting the applications on the permanent basis from long years and we have hundreds of references throughout the countries. With the finest system of auditing all around the world, best R & D teams, sophisticated penetration testing and the advanced tools, we have been trusted by the authorities and companies in transforming their businesses securely.

Fight with the cyber threats in digital companies

Our services of security testing and assurance is the solution to the wide number and intensity of the cyber-attacks in today’s world.  With the secure testing and secure processes of lifecycle management, you will be able to verify the security situation of your company.

Our proven approach of testing around the applications and infrastructure including the Internet of Things, mobile, human, web, industrial and enterprise system, improves the time for marketing of new offers and the solutions of software. This in turn will result in obtaining the confidence of adopting the SMACT technologies.

Secure transformation with the trusted partner of security testing and quality assurance

The security testing and assurance services will keep you informed about the actual threats. Our team is testing the IT system network of our clients on regular basis from many years and detect their weaknesses. We are the source of trusted authorities and industry in keeping their networks safe. Companies rely on us for integration of their security testing around the entire IT lifecycle development.

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Can you operate the secured application process of lifecycle management for the business, enabling it to adopt the digital and cloud confidently? What is your level of assurance…