company a platform to deliver the sole truth source throughout the lifecycle of whole business. Ensuring that all the suppliers, staff, customers and contractors can make the decisions, and engage with the interactive content and key documentation which offers the abundant atmosphere for better understanding.

The remote working was never an important thing but it is vital to ensure that the critical information of the business including its plan and policies are available to each staff member, supply chain and contractors.

Taking the full control of the safety, compliance, well being and governance of the staff is the vital element of the information security policy that keeps the processes simple without any compromise over the security and it also allows the admin to concentrate over the content.

The Dual Layer Cyber Company offers the quick decision making in this rapidly changing world while also offering the security and protection. The policies are designed to offer the senior management with the tools that guides and protects the entire supply chain and staff of the company.

Advantages of using our information security plan and policies

  • Tracking and understanding the compliance
  • Simplification of the preparation of audit
  • Monitoring the digital acceptance and the workflow
  • Quick development and learning at the business core
  • Compliance with the document
  • Management of the policy
  • Providing the abundant and engaging content with the embedded presentations, slides and videos
  • Centralization of the critical information of business
  • Simple configuration and setup
  • Each branded to the business for better inclusion


Methodology for information security plan and policies

  1. writing and creating

There is no need to use the Microsoft Word as the tool to create the plan and policies along with the critical information of the business. Our security plan and policies experts allow the full control upon the creation of media content, thereby allowing the higher number of engaged users. All such changes are easily tracked and the previous versions are quickly stored if the administrator wants to refer it back to them and review the changes that are made and why they are made. Our company makes the policy management simple and easy.

  1. Approval and publication

It is up to your company’s rules that will decide that if the document for policy and plan needs approval from any of your team member for the review before its publication. If this is the case then it is best to set up the simple and easy workflow to make sure that each member of team is notified only when the document is ready for next step. The document will have built in auto alerts, ToDo list and escalation steps and nothing will be missed from it. Once the document is approved from the whole company, it will be published to the full company or only the selected members by the access and section scoping facility which will automatically notify the user.

  1. Digital monitoring and sign

The understanding of policies and plan and the monitoring of the digital acceptance was never been an easy thing. Our experts use the software tools to plan the policies digitally. The users are notified through email with the status update. The acceptance is set only that allows if user gets the passing marks you have set for the linked knowledge test. It will provide the understanding and makes sure that the user is understanding the content thoroughly.

  1. Update and review

Any changes that are created in the policies and plan document can be updated anytime as per your company’s need. It is up to your company’s policy as when they would like the document to be reviewed. On our side, it will be reviewed by the audit system and the changes will follow the similar procedure of approval, publication and then process monitoring.

Benefits of using the information security plan and policies

  • Protection of the business

It allows protection of the business against any trial by the retention of the details of acceptance of all versions from past to the current.

  • Management change

Keeping the track and monitoring of the key changes and reviewing why such changes were carried out, who did the change and when it was done?

  • Cross business

The business combinations with the disparate systems and multiple offices around the country will get the centralized policy.

  • Gathering the evidence

Avoiding the rapid ticker and combining the evidence that they understand and read before they tick to accept.

  • Customized modules

It allows the extension in the operational area through the customized module that takes the benefit of the central framework.

  • Targeted groups

It allows the dissemination of information to the social groups, individuals and departments and ensure that it is accountable.

  • Linking of content

It interlinks the policies and plan for information security by one simple process that provides the quick information source and control.

  • Control access

It ensures that the supply chain, contractors, staff and the customers provide the secured access.

  • Triggers management

It allows the effective management of processes and team by providing notifications to the company upon completion of the acceptance.

  • Reusable content

Our experts allow the creation of handbooks and the sub documents that are updated when required.

  • Auto end or start

Our services take less time and raise the efficiency of the company by providing the expiry and start dates for the documents and policies.

  • Local and global control

Both the global control and local administration is designed to fit the corporate needs.

  • Consistency

Our information security plan and policies provide the staff of organization with consistent information.

  • Synchronization and update

The procedures and policies controlled at the different offices are synchronized and updated centrally by our experts.

  • Consistent control

We offer a consistent control by keeping an eye on all the employees that who has accepted the document and when it is accepted.

  • Removal of older versions

No other older revision is left unaccounted at the time of auditing

  • Smart phones

The information security plan and policies have the on hand 24/7 information available to them on their tablets and smart phones.

  • Access to the stakeholders

Our team provides the access to all the stakeholders to the LOB information in the most secure environment all the time.

  • Assessments

Our team also provides the recording of all assessment types.

  • Signing off

This will allow the company management to have a look at the accountability of the workflow.

  • Staff oversight

It also provides the over sighting of the staff during the courses period and any other induction time.

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