• Keep your company secure with our Managed Security Services

Being your trusted partners, Dual Layer Cyber Technology is offering 24*7 monitoring, response and management of the advanced threats, compliance requirements and risks. We are building the partnership with the local and global companies to secure their multi-cloud environments.

Our company provides the extended range of managed security services and solutions with the integrated security environment. Before the use of managed security services, our team recommends the assessment of the cyber security posture of the company with assessment of security. Our team will conduct the assessment of security and documents it. It also allows the identification of potential risks, any loss of data or the vulnerability. Such analysis allows the recommendation of the solution that matches with best practices in concurrence with the vulnerabilities identified.

Advantages of using our Managed Security Services

  • Monitoring of event

The Dull Layer Cyber is the well-known platform for event monitoring that is easily customized in order to provide the preferred monitoring level, cyber security events modification and the real time visibility. We offer the blend of tools, resources and people to provide the security services that meet the unique security use cases.

  • Management of incident

The cyber security is not only the simple protected endpoints and network. Many breaches are the result of unpatched and poor maintained system. Our team provides 24/7 solution to the proactive patching, cyber incidents and updates as the part of entire managed security solution in order to create the strong system.

  • Helpdesk and IT Support

Our efficient and quick helpdesk support system is always ready to work and collaborate and it offers the businesses with the reliable yet responsive IT support. Whether it is daily IT support or it is the severe IT management of the networking, security or servers, we can do all for your company.

Our Managed Security Services

  • Security Perimeter Design

Our professional staff enables the security architects to work with all security perimeter design aspects, and the follow on support. It enables the businesses to earn the benefit in best way. The best technologies and the extensive capability of design is the fundamentals of the security design service that delivers the scalable and effective IT environment which will run parallel with your future goals and objectives.

  • Firewall managed service

Dual Layer Cyber Technology service offers the best management solution for the firewall technologies. It allows the improvement of security effectiveness of the perimeter and internal firewalls. Our methodology involves the event and incident management and monitoring.

  • Antivirus managed service

All the devices that includes mobile phones, laptops, PCs and the point of sale devices, need to be complying with new regulations before grant of access to the network system. At the Dual Layer Cyber Technology, we provide the innovative solutions for endpoint protection that are secured proactively against the malwares and also identifies any points of vulnerability. The companies need the comprehensive and integrated security services that offer the advanced protection against malware.

  • Web security gateway managed service

Dual Layer Cyber Technology keeps the staff working with efficiency and safety and allows them forget regarding the known and unknown malware threat.

  • Virtual and Physical Server Security Managed Service

The securing of information and data is the vital step in IT security. When it is about server attack, the end results are dangerous and wide. It is vital to secure all IT infrastructure with the monitored services for server protection.

  • Vulnerability management managed service

Our vulnerability management managed service allows the analysts to find out and analyze the weaknesses of security. It happens without any interruption of the business activities. Our team of experts offer the actionable intelligence and fine reporting over the risks and reveal the accurate solution.

  • Intrusion prevention managed service

This service allows the companies to maintain their network security by monitoring the system for any suspicious activity. Our team manages the Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) and the Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) that is designed to respond to the threats.

  • Inventory management managed service

It allows maintenance of full assets repository of the company with the deeper visibility. Such allows the identification of critical assets and analysis of the incidents and changes impact.

  • Patch management managed service

The patch management service eliminates the need of an administrative overhead on staff of IT operations in order to make sure that the IT network of the company is entirely secure yet compliant. It allows use of the patch management tools that take full management of delivery and ownership to the endpoints and servers.

  • Event management and security incident managed services

These managed services are meant to implement our security intelligence over your network activity. If you have a regular business, you might get different products of security that translates each log entry which generates millions of data. Here the challenge is the sifting of required information from this noise.

  • Compliance and Configuration Management Managed Service

The IT configuration validation and automatic tracking uses the business integrated and defined approach. It allows the team to test and map the technical procedures of control to find out the deviations and changes from the approved configurations.

  • Mobile device management managed service

Dual Layer Cyber provides the solution for the mobile device management that is for all devices that are accessing your network. Our services provide the security, monitoring and management of the mobile devices at the workstation. It also ensures the sensitive devices and data security.

  • Privileged access management managed service

These services allow the companies to eliminate the security risk breach by reducing surface attack. Such solutions allows identities consolidation, least privileged access, delivery of cross-platform and the control of the shared accounts while securing the access.

  • Active directory auditing managed service

Our team ensures that the resources utilized in network are fully audited, managed and documented with all the information about AD objects such as – groups, users, GPO, DNS, OU, computer, configurationally changes and AD schema.

  • Mobile security managed service

By the help of best of breed technologies, Dual Layer Cyber allows the companies to earn the control and visibility for the craft need and implementation of the mobile security strategy. Our experts of security provides the training of mobile security to the employees in order to make sure that your staff will be resistant to all the malwares.

Managed Security Services and Solutions

Being your trusted partners, Dual Layer Cyber Technology is offering 24*7 monitoring, response and management of the advanced threats, compliance requirements…

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