What is the cyber security as service (CSaaS)?

Some companies work to handle the network of cyber security at their own with less expertise and limited resources. The Cyber Security as a service is the management of cyber security by outsourcing it. The cyber security is the key component of managing the effective business, many companies work by finding the accurate staff in management of the area.

The Dual Layer Cyber Security as a Service provides you the entire comfort by outsourcing the cyber security to our experts, thereby allowing your staff to focus only over the core elements of the business. Our experts have years of experience and we are also looking after the most famous organizations and authorities of the country including the banks, government agencies and the law firms.

It is not only about the experience we have for the regulation and governance of the industries, but we are also working around the things that rely upon the management of the larger supply chains such as the manufacturing, construction, retail and property. We ensure that our clients are completely safe, mitigate the risk when it is about protection of cyber security and provides the absolute comfort.

What our cyber security as a service offers?

The Dual Layer Cyber technology provides the Cyber security as a service that includes:

  • Fully white labeled managed security services (MSS)
  • Fully white labeled security operations center (SOC)
  • Phishing as the service (PhishNet)
  • Security remediation and auditing services (NetSecurre / FireSecure)
  • Services of security consultancy
  • Preventive services and vulnerability assessment
  • Monitoring and management plan of security based upon cloud (SecurityFirst)

Benefits of the Cyber Security as a Service

  1. Customized package on basis of ever changing needs of business and priorities
  2. Three service levels to fit the needs and size of the companies
  3. Avoid the extensive cost of recruitment by employing the whole staff of security and showing the returns over the spent cyber
  4. Pay as you go model of service – there are no higher upfront outlays
  5. Empty the resources and leverage the expert of cyber security
  6. Get the precise and brief reports
  7. Protect the reputation, assets and  the value of shareholder
  8. Run the performance of business with higher reliability over the functions of core security

CSaaS as the solution

When it is about the CSaaS, you won’t get any clear idea as what service will actually meet your interests and needs. The solutions offer by Dual Layer Cyber Technology has been wide but there are three most noteworthy solutions. As the data breaching is the devastating failure of cyber security for the small businesses, it is important for them to understand the preventive measures they can take to protect their company against it.

Such three solutions are tailored to the handling of data breach and risk. They work more than serving the operations but this is vital to find out the important functions that they offer.

  • Monitoring of dark web

For most of the businesses, the actual threat is not actually found on the global web pages. Rather, they move within the dark web. The monitoring system of the dark web is in constant motion to find out the indications that your company is under the cyber risk. These attacks can be dangerous and they may require a quick response to the incident.

The monitoring of the dark web look out for the credentials and information that is not readily available for all the bidders. This appears that the third party has made the attack and has put you at the risk. It includes the platform connections that make effort by raising the prevention and it includes the incident response and mitigation of risk in the infrastructure of the IT system.

  • Insurance of Cyber security

The breach of data is the most alarming situation in every business. This is not possible to run the digital businesses without handling the sensitive information. If you lose the control over the data, you have been prone to attack. However, this is important to secure the system as much as you can, the breach of data is almost inevitable in these days. The only defense here is the insurance of the system.

The cyber insurance helps in protecting the issues of liability in relation to the cyber issues. This insurance protects the companies from the compliance issues and helps you with the damages that are made by the phishing robo-calls and emails.

  • Breach response

The data breach has been the most terrifying incident that no business would ever like to experience. Just like the other disasters, the preparation to respond to this incident is to mitigate the damage. With the best solution for the incident response, you will get the system that shows you that the breach has been detected in your system. The response system will help you in making the detailed plan and distribute the information to the staff. Irrespective of the breach discovery, it will be immediately resolved.

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