The preparation of cyber technology has become the most critical success of the business and is the vital element of the output of businesses.

Cyber preparedness is the process of making sure that the organization has developed, tested and validated the capability of the system by protecting it against the response, prevention, mitigation and recovery from the cyber incident.

The IT security operations is the important element of the cyber strategy that is important to the cyber preparedness. The detection based on the data center is outdated and doesn’t offer the real protection. However, the actual detection and visibility needs the infrastructure, endpoints, networks, services and people in place.

Why Dual Layer Cyber IT Security Operations?

  • Market leading

We have the skilled workforce with advanced tools that understands the domains of repeated attack for the concentrated intervention

  • Quickly responsive

Making sure that the protection is raised by reducing the impact to business and elevating the protection of business

  • Reduction of incident

Deeper visibility of the IT environment, vulnerabilities detection, risk detection and providing solutions and preventing the cyber attacks

  • Reduced cost

There is no upfront investment for the experienced deliver of service without the retention challenges and specialist skills recruitment

  • Constant coverage

Our IT security operations center is constantly covering the IT network of our clients with in depth intelligence for full remediation

  • Quality of service

The best practices and the transparency of our system shows our commitment to our work with 100% satisfied clients

What our IT security operations center offer?

  • Quick response and detection

Our expert’s team detect the threats around the whole estate and quickly responds to the situation in an effective manner, reduce the financial, reputational and operational impact of the breach.

  • Proactive protection

The combination of intelligence, expertise detection and toolsets reduce the risk of future attacks before they even come.

  • Visibility and reporting

The monthly package and the individual reporting provides the actionable insight and clarity to the bunch of data and provides the summary.

Benefits of the IT security operations

  • Reduced cost of security
  • Protection of the state of art cyber
  • Reduction of the incidents
  • Cyber preparedness for the investment
  • Issues for quick remediation

When you partnership with the Dual Layer Cyber, we will help you to:

  • Raise the operational tasks of business – by avoiding the frequent and obvious errors
  • Deploy the market leading expertise and tools – for the protection at the level of enterprise but at the level of cost
  • Identify the cyber risks and organize – the cyber investment in your way
  • Deliver the threat intelligence – in order to be never behind and stay current
  • Respond quickly to the cyber threats – offering the business with the recovery, remediation and containment


Outcomes of IT security operation

The Dual Layer Cyber expert team has the wide range of experience in offering the practical, professional and the proven approach in mitigation and management of the cyber risk. The expert team helps in advising upon how best it will protect the technology, people, assets, and data by careful selection of the solutions that are specially created according to your business budget and needs.

Our IT security operation is thee service approach that is designed to provide the business safeguard against the digital assets in the quickly response and cost effective way. The basic aim here is to ensure that the company is protected from cyber threats. Our team works to meet your business needs, prioritize the gaps solution, and start the answer to threats that are at high risk.

We use the approach that tailors the security services by analyzing your network and provides remediation by appropriate security solution and assist the organization in raising the maturity of cyber security.

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The preparation of cyber technology has become the most critical success of the business and is the vital element of the output of businesses. Cyber preparedness is the process…

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